Bruges Belgian Bistro the Best Waffles, Fries, Burgers, & More!

Experience the Taste of Belgium

From our award-winning french fry “frites” and sauces; our artisan-made Belgian waffles and family recipe savory stew and sausage; all our dishes are made from only the highest-quality ingredients available so you can experience the best from Belgium in every bite.

Commitment to Quality

Bruges Bistro never uses artificial additives, coloring or preservatives and where possible we work with authentic and natural ingredients, team up with local partners and use environmental-friendly packaging like glass bottled drinks and compostable cups.

Voted Best of Utah French Fries Since 2011!

We Love Our Customers

Belgian Favorites with a Playful Twist!

Bruges Belgian Bistro shares the joy of Belgium’s best-loved foods with respect for our traditional family recipes, quality ingredients, and artisanal processes.