Bruges Story

Pierre & the original waffle cart.

Pierre & the original waffle cart.

wafflemonsterplanePierre Vandamme was born and raised in Brugge, Belgium. In March 2004, after living in Salt Lake City for 10 years, Pierre adapted an old family recipe for the Liège waffle and started his own waffle business selling waffles on Main Street in Salt Lake City from a vending cart. The same year he operated his cart at the Downtown Salt Lake City Farmers Market and some local summer events.




It didn’t take long for ‘Utahns’ and the local media to fall for the charms of this Belgian waffle artist. Or was it the aromas of melting butter and caramelizing sugar that were so enchanting? Either way, Pierre was ambitious and started adding Belgian style fries ‘frites’ to the menu.  It was a big hit!

Thanks to his many loyal fans and praising articles in the press, Pierre was soon able to open a year-round operation,  a small but charming ‘hole in the wall’ across from the farmers market  on Broadway. Its tiny interior, sidewalk patio and Belgian attributes evoke the old world ambiance as soon as you set foot inside.  Along with a real kitchen came a new product: the Machine Gun Sandwich™,  featured on Man v. Food.





Fredrick & Pierre

Frederic & Pierre

Bruges Waffles and Frites became so successful that in 2010 Pierre enticed Frederic, his brother in law, and his family to relocate from Belgium to Utah to join him.

The summer of 2012 was an exciting period for Bruges Waffles and Frites. They opened a second year round restaurant  with great indoor seating in the charming Sugar House neighborhood.

And as winter comes and we all crave warm and comfy food, Pierre decides that September 2013 is the right moment to add Waffle Sandwiches and Omelettes to the Sugar House menu.

Bruges On the Gau-fre. The beginning of  2014 is also the turn of yet another page in Bruges’ history.  Bruges now brings their fresh, artisan made waffles closer to you with the Bruges Waffle Bus.

Provo … here we are! October 3 is day 1 in this charming Bruges location on 42 West Center Street, right in the middle of the historic Provo Town Square.

Curious what will be the next step? Stay tuned … we are working on it!